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Grounds Maintenance, Outdoor Low Wattage Lighting for Your Home or Business

Landscaping in Beverly Beach, Florida revolves around the concept of beach friendly landscape design. This means that salt tolerant plants should be used in the landscape plan, as well as plants that can stand low water retention in sandy soil. As more and more landscape companies in Flagler County attempt to specialize in beachfront landscaping, GreenFlex Landscaping is ahead of the pack in terms of experience and knowledge. A home that fronts the ocean or that is very close by, as houses in Beverly Beach will do, demands a style of landscaping that accentuates its position in one of the most stunning areas of the natural world: the beach.

Pavers, Fountains, and Other Hardscaping Bring Added Appeal

Hardscape design in Beverly Beach is in high demand because this type of outdoor decor demands literally no maintenance once it is installed. Anyone who lives near the sea and has seen the effect of the salty spray of the ocean air knows that many objects of wood and metal eventually break down - but not natural stone walls, walkways, or sculptures. Landscape design by a professional can turn your Beverly Beach home into beautiful scenery and we will expertly maintain your landscaping and lawn for you as well.

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