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South Daytona Landscaping

Not all landscape design companies that serve South Daytona, Florida are created equal - and many do not have the years of experience and knowledge behind which a company like GreenFlex Landscaping stands. We are licensed irrigation professionals as well as locally renowned landscape design artists. As more and more landscape designs lean towards the Florida friendly xeriscape principles, GreenFlex Landscaping is yet again ahead of the curve. This company has always believed that the upper echelon of landscape design can easily and beautifully go hand in hand with skillfully placed native plantings and overall regard for the environmental impact of lawn maintenance.

Pavers, Brick Walkways, Rock Gardens, or a Stone Fountain will Enrich the Landscape

Hardscaping in South Daytona landscape design , besides being very pleasing to the eye, is the elegant way to create space for gathering, entertaining, and even dining. A firepit or natural stone spa give you months of enjoyment in the cooler seasons, while incredible landscape and hardscape elements added to a pool design are the epitome of style and artful functionality while swimming in the summer. Florida landscape design is an artform in itself and your landscape designer will be your guide, advisor, and creator of the ultimate outdoor paradise.

Have a desire to add outdoor landscape lighting to your South Daytona design dream? GreenFlex Landscaping is a full service landscape designer - contact us at (386) 206-9899 or use the online form.

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