Vilano Beach Landscaping

Dependable Landscapers for Vilano Beach Homes Lead to Beautiful Lawns and Yards

St. Augustine's Vilano Beach Area is Part of Our Landscaping Service Area

Across an expansive bridge over a gorgeous waterway north of downtown St. Augustine sits the pretty area of Vilano Beach. Recently updated with new public areas, Vilano Beach is familiar to many who know it for its waterfront views and cozy homes. For a trustworthy Vilano Beach landscape company you can rely on GreenFlex Landscaping.

Those outside of St. Augustine, Florida have usually not heard of Vilano Beach. This quaint section of town is up and coming and still an amazing real estate investment opportunity. Property investors will need to make lawn and landscape maintenance and care for Vilano Beach homes a priority as the exterior condition of a yard is always the first impression.

Landscapers for St. Augustine Need Familiarity with Florida Climate and Soil

Irrigation installation, maintenance, and service for Vilano Beach is one of our specialties. Perfectly placed, timed, and zoned sprinklers are the key to a healthy lawn. We also provide hardscaping so that watering is not as important throughout the entire landscape. We can build water features, patios, walkways, and walls from natural stone and pavers. Our landscape designs are created with natural beauty in mind, with many Florida friendly plants incorporated for a native and waterwise feel.

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