Fire Pits in the Florida Landscape Design for Cozy Winters

Fire Pit Design by GreenFlex Landscaping

A professionally designed landscape for your home will incorporate hardscaping elements such as natural stone, pavers, walls, or stone paths and beds. This aspect of design offsets the soft organic plants and flowing edges of trees so that the eye moves pleasingly through the composition.

Seamless hardscape design in Florida is also of paramount importance when pools, hot tubs, and decorative water features are integrated into the landscape plan. These additions should never look like a sloppy afterthought or the whole design suffers. Outdoor living can be taken to the next level by having a professional landscape designer build a fire pit and enhance its appearance with stone or brick.

As the temperatures fall during our mild Florida winter, the appeal of sitting around a bonfire becomes stronger. The options available for fueling the fire pit make it possible to build a wood burning fire, or simply hit a switch and enjoy the convenience of gas powered flames. There is also the possibility of popping a grate on top when you would like to grill food right over the fire pit!

A fire pit can be the focal point of your entire patio design - contact GreenFlex Landscaping to discuss your ideas for a warm, inviting fire pit built permanently by our licensed, insured professionals. Then surround it with comfortable seating of your choice, either custom made of a similar hardscape material or other outdoor furniture, and invite your guests outside to enjoy a beautiful star-filled Florida night around the fire.

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