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Outdoor Lighting by GreenFlex Landscaping

Do you sometimes feel that the space around your home or business is lacking that “special something”? Would you like to elevate the look of your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary? Consider these suggestions that could take your landscape to new heights:

Outdoor Lighting - has the capacity to transform any outdoor living area into a night time entertainment zone. It allows your landscape to glow when the sun goes down. Your investment can now be enjoyed twice as long using artfully placed low voltage outdoor lights. GreenFlex Landscaping utilizes top quality lighting products to accomplish extraordinary additions to any landscape design.

Color - is an undeniable eye catcher in any landscape design. Insuring that your garden has color year round is something that our professionals are well versed in. Color is not just flowers - it is also leaves and grasses and other landscape materials that all combine to give nuance and grace to a design.

Hardscaping - is often an overlooked component of landscape design. It consists of a large array of possibilities, including beautifully designed pavers, wall systems, boulders, walkways, stones, bricks, fountains and rock gardens. Hardscaping is just as important as the plants themselves in the creation of a beautifully balanced design. It can also create a wonderful gathering place for people to socialize and interact within the living landscape.

Water Features - will take a landscape design to the next level. Ponds, fountains, and pools can be integrated with exotic plantings to create a tranquil paradise. The sound of running water is known to calm the mind and spirit.

Composition - is the most significant gift that a professional landscape designer brings to the table. A sense of composition is the key to designing a landscape: How each plant will look as the landscape grows and evolves; the way the eye is carried through an environment; and a certain je ne sais quoi which invokes a lovely landscape design.

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