Florida Beach Landscape Design with Salt Tolerant Plants

Florida Beach Landscaping

For many of us in Florida, there is nothing more enjoyable than residing in a home in close proximity to the ocean. But there are a very limited number of plants that thrive in that environment. If you live in a beachfront neighborhood, your landscape choices are less varied, which makes hiring a professional landscaping designer all the more convenient and rewarding.

Overall there are many tropical plants that grow in Florida because of the warm weather conditions, alongside subtropicals and hardy varieties. Yet only the ones that tolerate salt spray will survive in beach landscaping circumstances. This is because the strong ocean breeze carries the salt inland and deposits it on the leaves of plants, which in turn leaches water from those species that are not salt tolerant. Subsequently the plant will burn, drop leaves, and most likely die. It can become frustrating, not to mention expensive, to take a trial and error approach in regards to beach landscaping in St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, or Palm Coast.

On top of that, consider that the sandy coastal soil composition has very little nutrients or water holding properties, and is highly alkaline. Only very special plants will thrive under these conditions. That being said, the beauty and sophistication of a beach landscape design is still very possible with the knowledge and resources of a professional and local beach landscaping design company. GreenFlex Landscaping takes its many years of landscape design, installation, and maintenance experience in northeast Florida to address your concerns regarding native plantings, irrigation needs, functional hardscaping, and coastal issues. The result is botanical eye candy that combines location savviness with aesthetic excellence.

Not sure where to start with your salt tolerant garden on the ocean? Please contact us for a free consultation regarding a seaside landscape design in Flagler, Volusia, or St. Johns County.

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