Florida Friendly Landscape Design in St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, and Palm Coast - What is Xeriscaping?

Florida Friendly Xeriscaping by GreenFlex Landscaping

Xeriscaping and xerogardening are terms used to describe landscape practices that conserve the use of water in order to have a low impact on the natural environment. Recently xeriscaping has fallen under the heading of "Florida-friendly landscaping principles", which is understandable because irrigation of lawns and landscapes in Florida is the single largest use of water from our municipal supply.

There is simply no reason why a professional Florida landscape designer cannot create a beautiful, sophisticated landscape design using Florida-friendly elements. In fact, the best professionals, such as GreenFlex Landscaping, have always used some manner of smart, waterwise planting in order to assure that their clients have a thriving, successful landscape design. And as experts in incorporating the xeriscape staple of hardscape design using stones and natural rock, GreenFlex Landscaping is ahead of the pack.

There are nine components to a healthy, abundant xeriscape design in St. Johns, Flagler, or Volusia Counties:

1) Location is always considered in terms of what plant is used.

2) Irrigation is only done when absolutely necessary.

3) Fertilization is done sparingly and without harming the landscape.

4) Proper levels of mulch are maintained for moisture retention, weed control, and to prevent erosion.

5) Landscaping is devised to attract and support wildlife.

6) Pesticides are properly and sparsely utilized.

7) Grass clippings, leaves, and yard trimmings are composted/recycled to reduce waste and fertilize naturally.

8) Stormwater runoff is significantly reduced.

9) Landscaping on waterfront areas means that the body of water is respected and carefully protected.

Florida-friendly, xeriscaped landscape designs save you money while supporting the aquifier, natural springs, and ecosystems of our state. Contact GreenFlex Landscaping to learn more about this unique and lovely way to enhance and improve Florida's landscape and your home or business.

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