Does Landscaping Raise Property Value?

Raising Property Values with Landscaping in Palm Coast, St. Augustine, and Ormond Beach

Real estate prices may go up and down but the ways to increase the value of your home stay the same, such as home staging, remodeling the kitchen or bathrooms, or landscaping the exterior of the property. Add value to your real estate with the help of a professional landscape designer like GreenFlex Landscaping, because curb appeal remains a constant when it comes to increasing interest to buyers.

Having a landscape designed, installed, and maintained by a professional can raise the value of the property by as much as 20 percent! After all, what is the first thing that a potential buyer sees when they come upon your house for sale? Clearly their first impression, whether conscious or subconscious, comes from factors such as the condition of the lawn, the position of the trees, and the aesthetic values of the landscape itself.

What do neglected bushes and flowerbeds say about a property? Perhaps the house has not been maintained over the years very well either. What does a stunning, thriving landscape design say to a potential buyer? That this home was well cared for and taken pride in. Many buyers also want the peace of mind that comes from purchasing a house that is move-in ready; the impeccable landscape design assures them that they will not have to invest more time and money because the work is already done and done well.

Beautiful, carefully maintained landscaping gives your real estate the ultimate curb appeal. Additional elements such as hardscaping, water features, and outdoor lighting take a professional landscape to the next level and are critical when marketing luxury real estate. Contact GreenFlex Landscaping for a consultation if you are ready to see what landscape design can do for your bottom line.

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