Irrigation Systems for St. Augustine, Palm Coast, and Ormond Beach Landscaping - More Than Just Water

Irrigation Systems by GreenFlex Landscaping

It may seem simple at first: install some sprinklers around the yard, put them on a timer, let them take care of your lawn and landscape when the rain is not sufficient. The truth is that irrigation needs, options, installation, regulation, timing, zoning, and maintenance are much more complex in Florida than you may first realize.

If you have a St. Augustine lawn, or you want your Bahia lawn to look the best it can, you need an irrigation system. Likewise if you have a beautiful landscape design that you want to keep healthy and thriving. A professionally designed landscape by GreenFlex Landscaping is planned in a way that will make the most of strategically placed sprinklers.

Have you ever considered where the water will come from? It is possible to use irrigation wells, reclaimed water, or water from a utility company to water your lawn but all of these have inherent aspects that you must consider first. Consulting with a licensed irrigation company (such as GreenFlex Landscaping) is the most important step in utilizing available water sources.

Restrictions, requirements, and regulations concerning irrigation usage in St. Johns, Flagler, and Volusia are wide sweeping and complex. Get your new landscape and lawn watering established the right way or retrofit your existing system to its best possible operations by consulting with a Florida irrigation specialist. And please, don't ignore the necessity of maintenance!

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