Top Stones for Hardscaping Projects

Top Stones for Hardscaping Design - Palm Coast, Ormond, St. Augustine Landscaping

Ormond Beach Hardscaping by GreenFlex Landscaping

GreenFlex Landscaping implements hardscaping into its professionally designed landscape plans using a variety of stone. Natural stone is categorized into two categories based on how it is cut: "fully dressed" stone is cut into very precise shapes and "semi-dressed" stone is loosely shaped with a uniform thickness.

Look for these stone types in professional hardscaping design:

Bluestone - is a specific type of sandstone that stands out because of its bluish-grey color. Bluestone is often the focal point of a rock garden, or can be used to create stone stairs, walls, or patios.

Fieldstone - this is a perfect stone for decorative walls or raised garden beds. Similar to flagstone except rounder and useful for freestanding hardscaped elements. It comes in a variety of colors and can add a level of whimsy to a landscape design.

Flagstone - an easily-installed, slab-like, durable stone made of sedimentary rock such as limestone or sandstone, and ideal for many areas of landscape design. Flagstone makes beautiful, elegant pavers but should always be tested to see how slippery they get when wet.

Slate - these rocks started out as shale that gradually metamorphosed over time. It comes in grey, green, or blue color. Slate cracks into thin slabs of rock, making it ideal for pavers and tiles. Because it is naturally water resistant it is often used with water features.

Hardscaping is one of the elements of professional landscape design that take your property from ordinary to extraordinary. Although some hardscaping such as fire pits have seasonal usage, most integration of stone provides a year round source of function and beauty. Contact us at (386) 206-9899 to find out more.

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