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Perhaps you have been maintaining your own lawn and choosing your own plants for your landscape for as long as you have been a homeowner...does this mean you might not benefit from hiring a professional landscape designer?

In truth everyone will find out if they consult with a professional Florida landscaper that there are elements of design and landscaping of which they were previously unaware.

GreenFlex Landscaping will assist you when you are ready to add a professional, expert touch to your lawn and landscaping in St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, or Palm Coast. Consider these points when weighing whether you want to access the services of an experienced, licensed professional:

Landscape design is a seasonal consideration: each planting should be chosen and placed in a way that the overall plan is never sparse or empty, no matter what the season (this is Florida, not the wintry North!). We know what to expect from specific trees, plants, and flowers and where and when they thrive in our particular zone.

In Florida, irrigation is an important science: there is rarely a balance to our particular climate, we seem to be either lacking rain or having an overabundance of it.  So the calibration of your irrigation system is of the utmost significance, as well as having it zoned correctly throughout the yard and functioning when and how it should.

Water features, outdoor lighting, hardscaping: these accessories of landscape design are no easy task to execute on your own.  A do-it-yourself patio or koi pond may save you money at first, but cause nothing but headaches later when it unfortunately cracks, becomes weedy, or overgrows with algae.  Trusting a professional landscaper can be a wise investment in the future.

The difficulty level of maintaining a green lawn is high: make no mistake, a Florida lawn of any type of grass or turf is a demanding part of your home's maintenance, and on top of that it's the first impression guests will have of your home. Standing in the fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide aisles at the local store, you will be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices. Once again, put your trust in a professional.

Contact GreenFlex Landscaping for expert landscape design, lawn maintenance, irrigation and more in Volusia, St. Johns, and Flagler Counties. We look forward to helping you make your dream landscaping a reality.

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